501 Basketball Team announced for 2019-20

Members of the 501 Basketball Team: (front, from left) Maya Davidson (Guy-Perkins), Emily Dather (Conway Christian), Teighlor Farmer (Beebe), Alyse Ellis (Mt. Vernon-Enola), Reagan Bates (Vilonia); (middle) Kyra Hargrove (Perryville), Paige Benafield (Faulkner County Falcons), Mallory Jones (Wonderview), Caroline Citty (Harding Academy), Emily Briggler (St. Joseph); (back) A'mya Everette (Morrilton), Kennedi Dawn (Mayflower), Jaiden Thomas (Conway), Hannah Ogilvie (Cabot), Arden Naylor (Greenbrier), Lucy Holland (Quitman) and Madeline Bottoms (Sacred Heart). Not pictured: Jill Nutt (Bigelow), Libby Stutts (Heber Springs) and Kassidy Barnes (Nemo Vista). (Mike Kemp photo)
Members of the 501 Basketball Team: (front, from left) Landon Hill (Vilonia), Cheney Phillips (Faulkner County Falcons), Kobe Dunlap (Greenbrier), Adrian Morris (Nemo Vista), Luke Hartman (Sacred Heart), Brandon Patterson (Mayflower); (middle) Keevon Moore (Morrilton), Zac Shue (Quitman), Jacob Reynolds (Wonderview), Wayce Howard (Mt. Vernon-Enola), Jake DeBusk (Conway Christian), Cahill Overstreet (Riverview), Seth Vance (Cabot); (back) Reid Standridge (Perryville), Ryan Davis (St. Joseph), Freddy Hicks (Searcy), Connor McGaha (Harding Academy), Austin Smith (Beebe), Josh Denton (Maumelle) and Brandon Brech (Guy-Perkins). Not pictured: Caleb London (Conway). (Mike Kemp photo)

501 LIFE is proud to present the 2019-20 edition of its 501 Basketball Team. The team boasts 41 honorees — our largest team yet — representing the best student-athletes the 501 has to offer both on and off the court. 

Players were nominated by their coaches and selected by the 501 staff, and the nominations were weighted equally between on-the-court and off-the-court attributes. The team is sponsored by Conway Regional Health System, First Security Bank and Conway Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Center.

2019-20 team members include: 

Kassidy Barnes (Nemo Vista), Reagan Bates (Vilonia), Paige Benafield (Faulkner County Falcons), Madeline Bottoms (Sacred Heart), Brandon Brech (Guy-Perkins), Emily Briggler (St. Joseph), Caroline Citty (Harding Academy), Emily Dather (Conway Christian), Maya Davidson (Guy-Perkins), Ryan Davis (St. Joseph), Kennedi Dawn (Mayflower), Jake DeBusk (Conway Christian), Josh Denton (Maumelle), Kobe Dunlap (Greenbrier), Alyse Ellis (Mt. Vernon-Enola), A’mya Everette (Morrilton), Teighlor Farmer (Beebe), Kyra Hargrove (Perryville), Luke Hartman (Sacred Heart), Freddy Hicks (Searcy), Landon Hill (Vilonia), Lucy Holland (Quitman), Wayce Howard (Mt. Vernon-Enola), Mallory Jones (Wonderview), Caleb London (Conway), Connor McGaha (Harding Academy), Keevon Moore (Morrilton), Adrian Morris (Nemo Vista), Arden Naylor (Greenbrier), Jill Nutt (Bigelow), Hannah Ogilvie (Cabot), Cahill Overstreet (Riverview), Brandon Patterson (Mayflower), Cheney Phillips (Faulkner County Falcons), Jacob Reynolds (Wonderview), Zac Shue (Quitman), Austin Smith (Beebe), Reid Standridge (Perryville), Libby Stutts (Heber Springs), Jaiden Thomas (Conway) and Seth Vance (Cabot).

The team recently met at Conway Christian High School’s gym for a photo shoot. In addition to being featured in 501 LIFE’s December issue, each player will be featured individually throughout the basketball season online at 501lifemag.com and in 501 Sports Extra, 501’s sports e-newsletter. (To subscribe, email [email protected] or visit 501lifemag.com.)